Animal Encounters

28 Feb

Animal Encounters in West Sussex…

Being open 363 days of the year has its perks, it means you get to see our cute cuddly chicks and our gentle giant shires ALL YEAR ROUND! What better way to beat the January blues than a visit to snuggle some soft baby bunnies or take a ride on our friendly ponies?! Here at Fishers Farm there is always something to do, and now with plenty of new arrivals being born and plenty more on the way, what better time to visit than now?

The Fishers Farm Show

Our Farm Show is now followed by our NEW Tortoise and Hare race – just like the classic tale! Will slow and steady win the race?! Who knows, it’ll be an exciting experiment for us all and can only be found at the Fishers Farm Show! Not only this, but by July 2018 you will also be able to give milking a cow a go in our Farm Show too. Our gorgeous Jersey cow Heidi is due to calve in June, and once her baby is big enough you will be able to watch Heidi being milked by machine and even have a go at hand-milking her yourself this summer! Watch this space…

Animal Handling

Our smaller animals have also been having lots of babies recently, along with the guinea pigs too! You can see these loveable litters over in the Animal Encounters barn at any time, BUT there is an extra special time when you can STROKE them too! Our Animal Handling events often feature our baby rabbits and guinea pigs as they’re a firm favourite with our crowds; they’re super sweet and totally ‘aww’-some. We can start to use baby guineas and bunnies from 4 weeks old, so you can imagine just how tiny they are. Our mummy rabbit Roxy has just had lots of beautiful babies so it won’t be long until we can start introducing them to our Animal Handling event. Did you know that our baby bunnies and baby guinea pigs go to new homes just like yours?! Visitors at Fishers Farm can decide to buy one of their very own little furry friend from us and keep it forever! So if you did happen to fall in love with a bunny at our park, let us know and maybe you could take him home!

But it’s not ALL about babies this spring…

Pony Rides

…we also have exciting news that soon, it might not just be our stunning Scooter, darling Dolly and tremendous Trigger around for pony rides. It won’t be long until you will be able to ride something much smaller at Fishers; SHETLAND PONIES! Our beautiful new arrivals Henrietta and Fantasy are Miniature Shetland ponies who came to Fishers in November 2017 and we are hoping to have them trained up and ready for pony rides this Easter. They’ve settled in very well with our 4 other girl Shetlands and are incredibly friendly! We hope to see lots of you trotting around on our two gorgeous girls very soon.

We’re looking forward to a very exciting year here at Fishers, from milking cows to racing rabbits and tortoises, and of course the comeback of lamb and Shetland racing come the Summer holidays too! Please check out our Events tab to see what the next big thing is on our calendar, we hope to see you very soon!

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