Animals Galore at Fishers this Summer

15 Aug


Cheryl is a Middle White breed of pig and gave birth (farrowed) to the cutest little piglets on 27th July 2018. Cheryl gave birth to 7 happy, healthy piglets and you can all meet them, with all lots of other animals, in our Animals Encounters Barn! Did you know, Piglets always return to the same teat each time they feed. Sows are pregnant for 3 months and can become pregnant all year, unlike an ewe or a goat who will only begin to ovulate once the days begin to shorten after the 21st June. This is evolution’s survival mechanism for the lambs who will then be born once the Spring grass is growing.

PIglets in the Animals Encounters Barn

Bambi and Teasel – Jersey Calves

We have had two new teeny tiny Jersey calves arrive at Fishers, both born on the 11th August 2018. Bambi is the girl and you will be able to spot her because she has a white mark on her face. Teasel, the boy, is slightly larger of the two. We are hand feeding them little and often with milk to build them up as they are so tiny! Did you know, Jerseys can adapt very well to extreme temperatures! They can thrive in the hot weather, but their coat can thicken during cold winters!

Jersey cows are the most docile of all breeds of cattle and make very loving family pets. If you are interested in owning Bambi or Teasel, please contact us on!

Calves in the Animals Encounters barn

Looking for a new family pet?

We have black baby bunnies (boys and girls) available to go to good homes as well as cute little guinea pigs (boys and girls) all born mid-late July 2018. If you are interested in owning one of these beauties then please email Rosie on You can also meet lots of our small animals in our Animal Handling Sessions, twice daily!

Need a Family Pet?

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