Annual Pass, unlimited visits 363 days a year!

Annual Pass

Join today! Annual Pass Pricing 2021

Annual passes run for one whole year from the date of joining with unlimited visits. You can pay one annual fee or join our Direct Debit scheme.

  • Individual (aged 3-59)
  • Concession *
  • Disability + Carer **
  • Lump Sum
  • £135
    per person
  • £104
    per person
  • £135
    per person
  • Direct Debit
  • £12 a month
    per person
  • £9.50 a month
    per person
  • £12 a month
    per person

What's Included?

  • Unlimited visits 363 days a year, 10am-5pm
  • All-day access to rides and attractions (in conjunction with the seasonal timetables)
  • 10% discount on food and drink items, gift shop purchases and birthday parties
  • Members get their very own photo-ID membership card
  • Lump Sum Membership renewals receive £20 per person Fishers Farm gift voucher***

Lump Sum Memberships

March – July closure – We restarted all Memberships on the 4th of July and added on 105 days to cover the days we were closed.

November closure – For the or 5th November -3rd December 2020 closure, we added another 28 days onto your expiry date.

December - April closure - for 27th December - 12th April, we are adding 106 days onto your expiry date.

You will not need a new card as we will automatically update our system to reflect this. If your card expired during the time that we were closed, we will add the relevant number of days that you missed out on.

Direct Debit Memberships

March – July closure – The membership re-start happened automatically and the first Direct Debit payments were received on the 15th July automatically.

November closure – No November Direct Debits were taken and the next payment will automatically be taken on 15th December.

December - April closure - No Direct Debits were taken for January, February and March and the next payment will automatically be taken on 15th April 2021.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions regarding your membership, please don’t hesitate to email and we’ll be happy to help. Please do note however, that we anticipate a number of enquiries in these uncertain times, so your patience is appreciated.


* Concessionary rate applies to a 2 year old and visitors aged 60+
** Carer goes free - we require production of current DLA/PIP paperwork upon joining
*** Lump Sum Membership renewals receive £20 per person Fishers Farm gift voucher, if the membership is renewed within 10 days of expiry.
Membership Terms and Conditions

How to Join

Direct Debit

Payment can only be completed in person, at reception.

Lump Sum

Paperwork can be completed at Reception or you can phone us and we will complete the paperwork/take payment, on your behalf.

Annual pass is for one FULL year - please ensure you have thoroughly read our terms and conditions prior to joining.

For more information call 01403 700063, email: or ask at reception.

Membership Terms and Conditions

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