First Summer 2020 Pygmy Goat Kid Born at Fishers

24 Jul

On the evening of 21st July 2020, Fishers Farm Parks’ first summer Pygmy goat kid was born in the Fishers Farm Animal Encounters Barn. This gorgeous baby boy was born to our lovely mummy goat April. One of the Fishers Farm team, Sami, arrived at the farm late that eve to check on April and found that she had given birth! She had already licked him clean and fed her newborn little baby.

We are all absolutely in love with this gorgeous little bundle of joy. He is tiny! The photos do not show how tiny he is, so come along and see him with his mummy April, in the Fishers Farm Animal Encounters Barn.

We have four other Pygmy goats that are expecting kids and are due imminently, so some lucky visitors might get to witness one being born!

Fishers Farm Park Pygmy Goat Kid and mum
Fishers Farm Park Pygmy Goat Kid and mum

Pygmy Goat Fun Facts – Did you know?

  • Pygmy goats are miniatures and are genetically dwarfed and smaller than other goat breeds.
  • An adult male Pygmy goat is smaller than 60 centimetres and female goats are generally smaller than a male.
  • Pygmy goats are friendly, social and love to play.
  • Pygmy goat kids are known to snuggle up together for company and warmth. They love companionship.
  • Every goat kid has its own unique call and own individual smell, so his mum knows which is her kid when there are others in a pen.
  • Pygmy goats can live for about 10 – 12 years.
  • These goats can be mischievous and try to escape from their pens!

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