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04 Aug
Fishers Farm Park Saddle Rooms Craft Saxon Beer Battered Cod with Chips

Saddle Rooms Restaurant

The Fishers Farm Saddle Rooms Restaurant

Be waited on hand and foot by our restaurant team, with a delicious sit-down, meal in our cosy restaurant. There is seating available in our… Read More

24 Jul
Fishers Farm Park Pygmy Goat Kid and mum

First Summer 2020 Pygmy Goat Kid Born at Fishers

On the evening of 21st July 2020, Fishers Farm Parks' first summer Pygmy goat kid was born in the Fishers Farm Animal Encounters Barn. This gorgeous baby boy was born to our lovely mummy goat… Read More

23 Mar
Fishers Farm 100 things to do at home with the family

100 fun things to do at home with the family

We have come up with 100 fun things to do at home with the family! Spring has sprung and we’ve been lucky with the weather recently, so we have added some fun ideas of 100 activities to get the… Read More

21 Feb
Fishers Farm ewe ultrasound scan image

Ewes Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

The Fishers ewes are due 48 lambs this spring! We currently have 25 ewes that are pregnant and are due to birth their lambs in April. The ewes conceived in November and are pregnant for five months.… Read More

20 Feb

How to make your own Alien Spooney

Space Craft Station   This week, during our Out of This World Storytelling week, our Space Craft Station has been a huge hit! We have been busy making our very own Alien Pals - AKA… Read More

17 Feb


This Mother's Day, we are thrilled to be supporting Stripey Stork with their brilliant Mum2Mum campaign. This campaign really strikes a chord with all of us here at Fishers Farm - we know how tough… Read More

11 Feb
Fishers Farm National Farm Attractions Network Awards 2020

National Farm Attractions Network Awards 2020 Winners!

Very Happy Winners! Fishers Farm Park are excited to announce that we have been Highly Commended and won silver for the ‘Best Food & Beverage Award’ at the National Farm Attractions Network… Read More

20 Jan
Fishers Farm Park Cow

Top 10 Farm Jokes

It might be Blue Monday today, but we think these hilarious farm puns will cheer you up in no time! They're definitely not corny...but they are outstanding in their field! Enjoy our Top Ten funny… Read More

17 Jan
Fishers Adventure Farm Park Kunekunepig

Lambs and Piglets Due Spring 2020

Exciting News! We have lots of babies due this spring This Spring, some of our wonderful animals are going to become mummies and are due to have the cutest little lambs and piglets. We are so… Read More

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