Opening FAQ’s

26 Jun

We know that things are feeling a bit strange for everyone at the moment, so we’ve put together some information below to help answer any questions or concerns you have before visiting. We want to reassure you that the safety of our visitors, our team and our animals is, as always, our highest priority.

Planning your visit

How to book tickets

You will need to book your admission tickets online in order to guarantee your admission into Fishers Adventure Farm Park. As we are operating at a reduced visitor capacity, we cannot guarantee entry for anyone wishing to purchase tickets at the gate, so online booking is strongly advised. (Please note: you will need to include children under the age of 2 in your booking, but there will be no charge for them).

Members will also be asked to pre-book (without charge) so that we can safely plan our visitor numbers for the day. For members, we know this is frustrating, however, it is for the safety of yourselves, other visitors and our team, and we hope this will only be a temporary measure.

Payments – card or cash?

We recently emailed a survey to ask if our customers would prefer a ‘cashless Park’ upon re-opening and 95% said yes. With this in mind, from the 4th July, we will be accepting card payments only at most pay points.

(If this raises a concern for you regarding your visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us on  and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs).

There will be a cash till available for gift shop purchases.

Pre-booked tickets

If you had pre-booked tickets prior to our closure, we can happily change your booking to an alternative date. Just email us your booking reference to and your preferred date to visit.

Vouchers & Tokens

If you have a voucher that expired during the time we were closed (21st March – 3rd July 2020), we will extend the expiry until 31st December 2020. As vouchers can only be used on gate admission, we will be accepting a limited number of these each day. However, please note that we will have to turn away admissions at the gate if we reach capacity.

If you wish to utilise the small selection of token-operated attractions, tokens will be available for purchase at the token machines. All tokens will sanitised before and after each use.

Soft Play

We will not be opening the indoor play areas until the government advise us that it’s safe to do so.


We ask that you park sensibly, with sufficient space between cars, and respect the space of other visitors.

Safety Measures

What additional safety measures will be in place?

Please see our visitor safety information page for a detailed description of the changes in place at the Farm Park. We have written a brief overview below;

  • Cleaning regimes have been increased with a focus on ‘touch points’.
  • The toilet facilities will be continually staffed and cleaned according to use/demand.
  • Screens have been added at all till points in use.
  • One-way systems have been added inside certain areas.
  • Signage and social distancing measures have been added all over the Farm Park.
  • Team members have attended a full safety training for themselves and customers prior to opening.
  • All key staff will wear a ‘Safety Bag’ with sanitiser, gloves and all necessary equipment to maintain safety throughout the park.
  • We have added ‘Sanitising stations’ around the Park for self-use.
  • Social Distancing Circles have been added in all necessary queue areas
  • Masks will be provided for all staff who wish to wear them.
  • Takeaway food and refreshments will be available all day.

What will be open?

  • The majority of our outside rides and attractions will be open.
  • The ‘Saddle Rooms’ restaurant will be closed until further notice.
  • Our gift shop will remain open but with social distancing measures in place.

Will I need to wear a face mask?

In line with Government advice, masks are not obligatory during your visit, but you are of course welcome to wear one. The same applies to our staff, whom we have sewn comfortable and friendly looking masks for their use, should they wish to use them (and so that they’re not so scary for children!).


Following our plans to open, we are restarting all Memberships on the 4th of July. We will add 105 days onto the expiry date shown on your card. You will not need a new card as we will automatically update our system to reflect this. If your card expired during the time that we were closed, we will add the relevant number of days that you missed out on.

Members will also be asked to pre-book online (without charge) so that we can safely plan our visitor numbers for the day. For Members, we know this is frustrating, however, it is for the safety of yourselves, other visitors and our team, and we hope this will only be a temporary measure.

Direct Debit Memberships

The membership re-start will happen automatically and the first Direct Debit payments will be received on the 15th July automatically.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions regarding your membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help as soon as we can. Please do note however, that we anticipate a number of enquiries in these uncertain times, so your patience is appreciated.

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