The Magic of Christmas

18 Dec - 24 Dec

The Magic of Christmas at Fishers Farm Park

At Fishers Farm Park, the Magic of Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Father Christmas

The big man in red always makes time in his busy social calendar to visit to Fishers Farm Park at this time of the year. He brings his elves and an array of amazing gifts to fill his Fishers Toy Store every Christmas.

The Magic of Christmas Toy Store

Listen to the sound of his sleigh bells gently ringing and head on through a magical journey to Father Christmas’ busy study. It’s piled high with his enormous lists – which one will you be on this year?

Then, tiptoe through our magical winter wonderland and prepare for the most spectacular sight to greet you. Father Christmas’ very own Toy Store, here at Fishers Farm!

A wonderful array of toys & games displayed before your very eyes. And what’s more, children get to choose their very own presents (there’s nothing more special than seeing the excitement on their faces). From crafts to cuddlies and so much more, the big man himself brings a huge sack full of goodies here to Fishers Farm and we can’t wait to share them with you this Christmas!




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