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26 Jun

Welcome back! We’ve missed you!

We know that your visit to Fishers Farm is going to feel a bit strange with all the changes we’ve made, so we have put together some safety information below, to try and make things as easy as we can for you and your family prior to visiting. We want to reassure you that every effort has been made to not only meet, but exceed your expectations in every way possible, to ensure that you feel able to enjoy a safe and happy day out with your family.

As part of our commitment to you during your visit, we will;

  • Ensure you have a friendly welcome and guarantee you a safe, well organised visit.
  • Take all payments from behind screens, and ensure that they are card only and contactless where possible.
  • Prepare and maintain all of our facilities to the highest standard of cleanliness before, throughout and following your visit, with extra focus on “touch points”.
  • Efficiently manage our attraction, ensuring all rides/activities that can be opened are run safely throughout your visit, with social distancing guidelines, one-way systems and signage in place throughout the park.
  • Provide an online booking system to record the total number of visitors each day and ensure social distancing can be safely carried out by all visitors.
  • Provide self-sanitising stations for your convenience at the entrance and around the park.
  • Section-off all areas which cannot safely be used at this time.
  • Provide a number of our staff with safety bags containing gloves, sanitiser and masks to ensure that should a First Aider be required, there will still be someone to safely assist you.
  • Provide a fantastic all day menu at Farmers Grill where we will wait on you hand and foot (though of course, at a distance).
  • The Saddle Rooms restaurant is open for on the day pre-booking, which you can do on your arrival at reception.
  • The indoor soft play areas are now open and “fogged” every morning before we open. We offer pre-bookable sessions on a Saturday and Sunday, to limit numbers in the soft play at any one time. Now that schools have gone back, the number of people in the soft play area is low enough that we no longer need to run sessions during weekdays and you can use the areas whenever you like throughout the day.

What you can do for us;

  • Only visit if you’re feeling fine and dandy! If you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay at home.
  • Prepare your children prior to visiting, so that you and they can help us all to keep the park safe.
  • Respect and adhere to our signage and recommendations with regard to your safety and the safety of our staff.
  • Be patient and kind to our staff, they are as new to all of this as you are. If you have any concerns during your visit, please do come and talk to one of our team as we’ll be happy to assist where we can.
  • Respect each other by maintaining recommended social distancing.
  • Wear a mask – In line with Government guidelines, you should wear a face covering in indoor places where social distancing may be difficult and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. We ask that you please wear a mask in the Fishers Gift Shop and all soft play areas.
  • Groups up to 6 – “From 14 September there will be a legal limit on the number of people you don’t live with you are able to meet. When meeting with people you don’t live with you can socialise in groups of up to 6.” We therefore ask customers not to book tickets for, or visit Fishers Farm with more than 6 people outside of your household. To find out more information on this ruling, please visit the Government website
  • Card only and contactless payments where possible.
  • Have a brilliant day out with your families (and recommend us to all of your friends!)

We’re Good To Go

Fishers Farm applied for the Visit England ‘We’re Good To Go’ COVID-19 industry standard, which we are very pleased to have received and proudly display!

This is a UK-wide industry standard which is designed to reassure customers that businesses adhere to Government and public health guidance.

This shows that we have demonstrated that Fishers Farm Park has clear processes in place and as a business we’re good to go.

Fishers Farm Park We're Good to Go Standard

Thank you for taking the time to read this. The safety of our visitors, staff and animals is paramount, and we hope you feel reassured and excited for your visit.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, have a look at our FAQs page. If this doesn’t answer your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your interest in visiting and as always for your continued support of our family business. We are so grateful and hope that we can deliver you the best family day out!

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