Fishers Rides

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Fishers Rides

The Tractor and Trailer Ride

Top of the list at Fishers Farm that all visitors have to try is The Tractor and Trailer Ride of course! You’ll be driven around in a tractor-trailer to discover a great variety of Fishers farmyard favourites. In the Summer we add to this a 20 minute ‘Hay Ride’, so that you can be driven off the main site to meet all of those furry friends too. It’s a great way to enjoy a day out in Sussex with the family, and see farm animals in their natural surroundings. Perfect for school trips or group visits if you’re planning one this year?

Barrel Bug Safari

A great idea if you want some more fun with the kids, is to try out the Barrel Bug Safari… yes its exactly what it says on the tin! Grown-ups and children alike can hop inside the barrels and be towed around a track, through a tunnel, over bumps… you’re guaranteed a giggle on this one!

The Ghost Tunnel

It’s certainly a scream on Halloween, but The Ghost Tunnel runs throughout the year, and is recommended for anyone who enjoys a bit of a fright! (maybe not for the tiniest visitors). A funny, but spooky ride with an educational twist – you’ll see what we mean when you try it!

Fishers Express

Choo Choo! A great ride for toddlers, the ‘Fishers Express’ is a traditional little train ride and a great idea if you’re looking for things to do outside with babies or under 2’s.

Top Tips

It’s important that you are aware that some of our rides operate on restricted timetables during the different seasons, so it’s worth taking a photo on your phone of our ‘Whats On Today’ board upon arrival, to save disappointment and make sure you arrive at the rides at the times they are in operation.

You may get wet on the tractor ride, so be warned if your little people (or big people) aren’t a fan!

Some little people may find the Ghost Train a bit scary, so if you’re at all worried, please speak to one of the friendly staff who can advise you on what to expect. We wouldn’t want anyone’s fun day out ruined!

The Barrel Bug Ride is very bumpy, so not advisable for pregnant women or anyone with an injury that might be affected by the bumps. (Not great if you’re holding an ice-cream either… which we learnt on a staff ‘test ride’!)

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