Sky Fall

Open Jan - Dec
Suitable for Ages 5yrs +

Sky Fall – only the bravest can do it!

Just looking at this might make you shudder! Sky Fall is a terrifying, sky-high jump for only the bravest of daredevils. The first of its kind at any Farm Park in the UK, Sky Fall was introduced in 2017 at Fishers and has been a huge hit with parents and children alike.

The top-level platform is for ages 8+ and is a mighty 6 metres high! (We bet reading that made your heart beat quicker!) and there’s even a practice level of 4 metres high for little ones age 5+ (and nervous adults!) Once you brave the jump, it’s like landing on the biggest, most comfortable mattress in the world.

We dare you to give this one a try!

Top Tips

A spare pair of trousers? If it’s a rainy day, the ride will still be open, but you might get a bit of a ‘soggy bottom’ - so waterproof clothing could really come in handy!

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