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Charity work is very close to our hearts here at Fishers Farm and we are very proud to announce that we are now supporting a family focused cancer charity ‘Something to Look Forward To’

A bit about the charity

‘Something To Look Forward To’ are a family-founded cancer charity providing gifts and experiences to people affected by cancer and their families and we are delighted to be chosen as the charity partner for Fishers Farm Park.

Based on one family’s personal experience of cancer, the charity was founded in 2015 following Fiona Coldron’s breast cancer diagnosis when days out with the family and small treats such as a meal out, or a short break away was something that gave…’something to look forward to’.

This desire to support is also fuelled to help those affected financially by cancer, where work has been disrupted, this is known as ‘cancer poverty’.

Fiona sadly passed away in February 2022, her daughter Francesca now spearheads the charity continuing her mother’s legacy.

‘Something To Look Forward To’ is going from strength to strength and we have just reached the exciting milestone of providing £1,000,000 worth of gifts and experiences to over 20,000 people affected by cancer poverty across the UK.

We provide a comprehensive website where people affected by cancer and their families can access a variety of gifts generously donated by businesses and individuals. Including family days out, restaurant meals, hotel stays, theatre tickets, beauty products, and essentials.

Our service supports anyone from the point of diagnosis up to one year after active treatment and we offer on-going support to those with secondary or terminal diagnosis.

Although cancer is a physical disease, a sense of wellbeing enables people during and after treatment to lead as normal a life as possible. It is essential that wellbeing support is available to families and carers also.

If you are affected

If you are affected by cancer and would like to access their service, you can apply here:

Make a Donation

You can donate a gift or experience here:

Or you may wish to donate some money to help keep our service running here:

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