How to make your own Alien Spooney

20 Feb

Space Craft Station


This week, during our Out of This World Storytelling week, our Space Craft Station has been a huge hit!

We have been busy making our very own Alien Pals – AKA Spoonies! We promise…they do come in peace!

They’re super simple and easy to make, here’s how…


You’ll need:

  • Colouring Pens
  • A wooden spoon
  • Some self adhesive googly eyes
  • Some mouth stickers (or a different colour pen for the mouth)
  • A pipe cleaner
  • A ball of clay (we’d suggest modelling clay, not Plasticine or play-dough as it doesn’t dry out)


First, colour in your wooden spoon.

Then, stick the eyes and mouth onto the back of the spoon head.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the body of the spoon to give it some arms!


Finally, push it into the rolled up ball of clay.

Ta-dah! You’ve made yourself your very own Alien Spoony! Isn’t he cute?!

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