The Tale of a Christmas Calamity

01 Dec

The Tale of A Christmas Calamity

An incredibly exciting Christmas story hitting our stage this festive season, with the beautifully created family show, based on the well-loved classic “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

Written & directed by local industry professional Rebecca Cooper, this narrated tale has been cleverly created to include a dash of magic, brilliant comedy and some truly heart-warming moments. We are thrilled to be welcoming her wonderful creation to our stage here at Fishers as a fantastic new addition to our ‘Festive Fishers’ event.

The story takes place on Christmas Eve. The children are all snuggled into their beds, with fairy-tale dreams filling their heads. When will Father Christmas arrive?! Join us as we tell this enchanting, story, creating the real-life magic of Christmas on this very special night. Tickets sold out at the speed of twinkles on Santa’s sleigh!

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