Top 10 Farm Jokes

20 Jan

It might be Blue Monday today, but we think these hilarious farm puns will cheer you up in no time!

They’re definitely not corny…but they are outstanding in their field!

Enjoy our Top Ten funny farm jokes!

1. What’s black and white and eats like a horse?

A Zebra!

2. What kind of things does a farmer talk about when they are milking cows?

Udder nonsense!

3. As farmers, we hear a lot of jokes about sheep.

We’d tell them to the dog, but he’d herd them all!

4. Did you hear about the magic tractor? 

It turned into a field!

5. Did you hear about the wooden tractor?

It had wooden wheels, a wooden engine, wooden transmission and wooden work!

6. What did the mummy cow say to the baby cow?

It’s pasture bedtime!

7. Where do horses go when they’re sick?

To the horsepital!

8. Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?

Because they lactose!

9. Which farm animal keeps the best time?

A watch dog!

10. “Knock knock.”

      “Who’s there?”

      “Cows go.”

      “Cows go who?”

      “No, silly. Cows go moo!”

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