New Membership Scheme 2023

18 May

Introducing our new Membership scheme for 2023

Following a strong uptake on our membership during 2022 we are pleased to be launching a brand-new membership scheme for 2023 here at Fishers Farm, covering approximately 300 days of the year, which we hope will make it much more affordable for all families during this economically challenging time.

For the last few years, we have been analysing the ‘visiting trends’ of our Members and we hope this new offering will deliver both a reasonable and favourable option for families who prefer to visit us regularly.

Lots of Farm Parks don’t offer Memberships as part of their business model, however we have always felt it’s of massive value to the ‘feel’ of the Farm Park and the sense of community that it has always created.

With limited off-road parking for 6 months of the year, and with restricted ‘wriggle room’ for development of our hardcore car park areas, it’s a continual challenge to create the perfect balance of access for both Annual Members and Day visitors. After much consideration, we really hope this provides a cost-effective option for all who wish to visit regularly.

Unlike many similar attractions, we have continued to restrict our capacity on visitor numbers within the Farm Park daily, to ensure that we deliver a safe, relaxed and high-quality experience for all of our customers. As a family, and as a business for 33 years now, we have always held customer and staff experience in equal measure and believe that optimising this balance can create the most brilliant atmosphere for visiting families.

How does the new Membership work?

  1. All Membership holders will have access to the Farm Park for every weekend of the year and all Sussex term-time weekdays. However, we regret that we will no longer be offering memberships during the weekdays of Sussex school holidays, or member discounts. (see the Members Admission Calendar in the gallery).
  2. All Memberships will be on sale for the launch offer price of £99 (for anyone aged 2 or above – under 2’s are free).
  3. Direct Debit Memberships will still be available, but at a reduced rate of £10 per month (still with a £15 joining fee per person).
  4. All renewing/joining members will receive a key fob which will be obligatory to gain admission to the Farm Park.

For more information on our new Membership scheme, have a look at our Annual Pass page, or email if you have any questions.

We are so thankful for your continued support of our business, and we hope to welcome you here soon.

With kindest wishes, from our family to yours,

Tom, Kate, Tim & Trina Rollings

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