Summer Piglets Born at Fishers Farm

07 Aug

Summer 2020 Piglets Born

Fishers Farm’s gorgeous Kunekune pig Marigold gave birth on Monday 3rd August 2020, to ten beautiful multi-coloured piglets. Mum and babies are doing well.

Marigold arrived on the farm early this year. She is a breed of pig called a Kunekune. Kunekune means “fat and round” in native Maori and they originate from New Zealand.

The little piglets are mainly sleeping now, but they wake every hour or so to feed. They are learning to stand and walk and rustle around in the straw. Marigold is a gentle laid-back soul and takes it all in her stride. She is an experienced mum and happily lets them nurse when they wish. While the piglets get lots of sleep to help them develop and grow, Marigold enjoys rustling around in the straw. Marigold needs to eat extra food while she is lactating and feeding her piglets.

You can see the piglets with their mummy in our Animal Encounters Barn.

Fishers Farm Park Kunekune piglets
Fishers Farm Park Kunekune Piglets

Fun Kunekune Pig Facts:

  • Kunekune pigs kept by Maoris were free to scavenge around their houses, so like being around people.
  • Their long wiry hair can be curly, wavy or straight.
  • As you can see from our piglets, they have a wide variety of colours.
  • They like to eat fruit, vegetables and grass.
  • When outside, they like to graze on grass, or wallow in mud to keep cool in summer.

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